Salvation Song

Salvation Sound was formed by members of True Love Church of the Living God. The group consists of Randy Puckett, Jeff Snider, Lynette Snider, and Angie Snider. We all love the Lord and sing together at church. We had many requests to sing together. One of the first songs we learned was Almighty God. We did not know at the time how this Almighty God would put together a group of four church members and open doors to so many places in such a short amount of time. What we did know is that we had tremendous faith in God and believed anything was possible with hard work and God.

We traveled on the big blue bus which was a miracle by itself. We couldn’t afford a bus, instruments, sound equipment, time off work…. There were so many things to consider. How would we pull this off? First, we placed everything in God’s hands and said Lord, if you order it, you will find a way to make it happen and pay for it. He did just that and then some. I guess we were on stage with the well-known names of gospel music before we knew what happened. I remember opening for groups like the Crabb Family, Easter Brothers, Naomi Sego, and Kirk Talley…  I remember we were getting ready on the bus before a service and Angie was nervous and crying and said how could she sing in front of these groups. I said, first we all put our clothes on the same way. God ordered this, He brought us to it and He will take us through it. She was young and had a strong anointing and a voice that could let it rip. She is a blessing to many and as I got older and sometimes forgetful, she would always be beside me telling me the next line. God sent me an angel. Lynette has that soprano voice that is clear and pure. She can play several instruments like piano, organ, bass guitar, and drums. She can quote scripture and is one of the best preachers I know. She is a tremendous prayer warrior and my sister.  Jeff was the bass and plays drums and bass guitar. He is also over the bus, from the motor to completely remodeling the inside more than once. He is a quiet person until he has something to say. Then everybody better listen. It’s rare but it’s there. Lynette and I just look at each other but we listen! 🙂 He has a strong faith and loves the Lord. He has taken care of me many times.  I can play at, notice I said play at, in other words, enough to get me in trouble, the keyboard or piano. This is what I write music on. I sing tenor and my harmony is good but has a mind of its own. Angie knows me and is great at making it happen. We just work it out, that’s why God put us together.. LOL.I think that is why we were called on to sing so much by so many churches. We could sing with backup tracks, go live on the instruments but more importantly, it was the anointing of the service. It does not get any better than that. We will be worn out after a service. Yes, we sing, but we pray, testify, hold altar calls, pray until every heart and mind is clear.

I remember us going to a church one time and the preacher said this group likes to leave by noon. They got to go eat. I made an announcement at the beginning. We can’t leave until God turns us loose. If you need to leave at noon, go ahead. We will be here when you get back. The Holy Ghost filled that church and it was on. You know how you can’t turn it loose. How you just want more and more and for it to never end. Well, some folks did leave at noon, they had to eat. Praise God some came back for seconds. Ain’t God good. He shows up and feeds us until that cup is overflowing.

Well, there are many stories to be told and I hope you will join us for a new blog about every week.

Love you all and so does God,

-Salvation Sound