The Farm

Welcome to my farm page, where all God’s creations get to live happy and fat.

My grandchildren have always wanted to have animals. The only problem is they never take them home. Pawpaw keeps them, feeds them, and everything else that comes along with them. I guess I would have to say, I like them too. My daddy used to say, Jay what are you getting today? LOL. My grandfather, James Puckett, called Jay used to have animals all the time. He would have horses, mules, pigs, chickens and goats, and more. He loved to mess with them and I guess that’s where I get it from.

I have chickens, ducks, goats, geese, and turkeys right now but we had so much more when Autumn, my oldest granddaughter was younger. She never liked to play with dolls as a child. She wanted animals. I spent a fortune at Tractor Supply on those little plastic figures. At first, it wasn’t too bad, until she realized there was a mommy, daddy, and babies. That’s when things escalated, lol. Avie and Austin like them also and Aiden well he’s a bit too young yet. I think the important thing here is that you teach children to respect and take care of God’s creatures whether it be a dog or cat or yes, the goats. We all enjoy them except for my wife Debbie. Funny thing is, for her not to like them, she can tell you everything that comes in new or left. Somebody is watching something. No matter what I have to say about them, she is already aware.

I told her the way things are going in the world, we might have to live off those barnyard animals. I told her we got eggs, goat milk, different types of meat, we won’t go hungry. Now I was just a poor country boy. We knew how to catch a chicken for Sunday dinner or have beef or pork. That was some mighty fine eating. Debbie was a city girl, she said I think I will starve before I eat what’s in the backyard. I guess time will tell. The only thing eating out there now is the animals. They are all fat and sassy.

I hope you enjoy these photos and from time to time I will share some stories with you about the good ole days, lol.

Love you all!