Church of the Living God

True Love Church of the Living God was started in 1976. Pastor Raleigh Hayden and Sister Lois Hayden founded the church. They started it in the living room of Mrs. Edna Floyd. The church was on fire from the start filled with the Holy Ghost. Pastor Hayden and Sister Hayden had a very strong relationship with God. Pastor Hayden would preach at work during lunch to his fellow workers. He was not ashamed of God and desired to help win souls for His Savior. The church then moved to Doris Street and was then located in the final building where it is still located today at 907 Lexington Ave, High Point, North Carolina.

The church has never had great numbers in the congregation but has produced many ministries. It has been visited by and talked about by people who love the Lord and desire to go where they can feel the presence of God. This is the right place to come to. Pastor Hayden and Sister Hayden and now Sister Stella Hayden, Pastor Hayden’s wife, since the death of Lois Hayden, have always put God first and continue to do so.

Salvation Sound originated from members of this church and continues to be member today.

True Love Church of the Living God is a Pentecostal holiness church that allows God to have His way. The church has often been referred to as the little white church on fire for God. Salvation Sound has held many gospel events including the most well-known names in gospel music along with movie stars and singers from other genres now ministering for the love of God.

We are proud of our little church and the work from the members, friends, and family that have worked well together to create such a place as this. A place pleasing to God. A place to worship in or needing a healing touch from God and a place to call home. Come join us.


  • 11 A.M. service
  • 5 P.M. service


  • 6:30 P.M. prayer

Wherever you attend, work on deepening your relationship with God. We love you and pray you will meet us in Heaven where we will all celebrate and worship God together.

If you would like to donate, please use the donate button on this page. Also, we have a cd of church members singing which will bless you on our store page.

Thank you and God bless you,

Randy and Salvation Sound