Welcome friends and family to Heart Like Jesus!

I am hoping this website will help you to develop a relationship with God and work on getting as close to HIM as you possibly can!  You will see the Heart Blog, where I will preach some, talk a lot, and reminisce about travels during my music ministry with Salvation Sound.  What adventures we had! So many services went from dead to shouting and filled with the Holy Ghost!  Well, maybe not dead, but some certainly should have been checked for a pulse! 😉  (Don’t get mad, I like to have fun!)

At Heart Like Jesus, you can laugh a little, praise God a lot and we can share how much we have been blessed!  In this ministry, I have met lots of people, had trials and struggles with our group and the BUS! 😉  (It was a blessing but oh, it sure was a lot of work keeping everything on it we needed or even keeping it running!)

 Ministry is not easy. I will tell you all about it in a blog post!   Although I cannot have a traveling ministry like before, I can still speak to people and testify!  Become a Heart Like Jesus Member (at no charge) and let’s get started with the Kingdom work TOGETHER.  Doesn’t cost a dime and I mean it. No hidden charges!  Only blessings, fellowship, and learning how to share and have a Heart Like Jesus.

You can chat with us about anything and request immediate prayer by using the “Let’s Chat” feature at the bottom corner. Prayer is an immediate need!  Sometimes we need to contact God NOW.

At Heart Like Jesus, we have some mighty good prayer warriors and I’m sure some of you are as well  We have people from all over the world as members.

Join us!

God loves you and so do I!  Talk to you soon!